Why Notes?

I do this for several reasons.
Reason 1: it allows me to view my notes from anywhere that has a computer.
Reason 2: it is a very easy way to keep a constant flow of content here on the website.
Reason 3: it helps me stay focused during the sermons, because if I don’t stay focused I can’t perform numbers 1 and 2. Kind of a constant reminder to myself. :)
Reason 4: I can make it look better on the website.
Reason 5: sometimes I will hear something and not remember it, but I wrote it down which allows me to study it if I missed it.
Reason 6: while I might not gain any knowledge or understanding from the sermon or notes, someone who reads it may have a WOW (wide open word) moment

Other things to be aware of when reading my notes.
Thing 1: When I am writing, I am only including what the preacher has said unless otherwise specified using the ‘My Thoughts’ section.
Thing 2: the format is essentially putting the verses down and putting what the preacher said between those verses.
Thing 3: I may not necessarily hold the same view, as you will read other articles on the website. But I don’t ever plan on putting this kind of information in the notes.
Thing 4: The ‘My Thoughts’ section is only going to be what goes through my mind while it is being preached. Sometimes certain things are triggered because of a phrase or word they said and I want to get it all down. That way I can go back and read it later.
Thing 5: ‘My Thoughts’ will never be ‘what I think of the sermon’. I think it is so strange for people to rate or rank a sermon.
Thing 6: ‘My Thoughts’ may not even be right, but having them down allows me to go back and ask about them later.
Last Thing: I put things 3-6 in there because the idea behind “Notes” is to simply have a “raw note taking” so I can study the teaching later on. If it was what I believed, then it wouldn’t make sense to study it. This is to show a transparency kind of thing.