Revamp of this Blog and Podcast

I have been doing a lot of thinking and praying. I have come to the conclusion this website needs some revamping. In the coming weeks you can expect to see a few changes.

Things You Can Expect:

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Podcast
I haven’t decided if it will be weekly or every two weeks yet. Mainly because it’s tough to find time to get to this when there is usually someone awake and making noise. Those poses difficulty to create a clear quality podcast.

Weekly Blog Post
At least one a week kind of thing.

Grab Bag Revamp
Rather than once a week, make it once a month and maybe some other things.

More “teachings” of the word
Explanations. I will still incorporate the scriptural point blank answer but do some better explaining.

More Edification Posts
These posts will be for the building up of the person who is reading it. To edify.

Revamp the Header
I have been trying to think of a good idea for the header. I am tossing around some ideas. Anyways, colors and the layout may change a little as well.

This is what I plan to do. I have been out of this for a while because I have had my hands full with my daughter being born last October. The good thing is, she is finally getting on a schedule.

The Good News

Some neat information I think you may be interested in is, I have recently discovered this blog is ranked number one in Bing and Yahoo for the keyword “Apostolic Questions Answered” and also “Apostolic Questions and Answers”. It is also ranked number six and ten in Google respectively.

I shouldn’t really say this is good news, because it’s great news! I couldn’t believe it! Because of it I have been getting several questions. Thank God and I am so glad to be able to help some people find answers.

What else would you be interested in seeing revamped?

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