Searching Tips

I understand not everyone has a technical background and knows how to use search engines to their best ability. This is why I created this short page for using the search on this website and hopefully help you in the long run with other searches you have.

Here are a few examples you might be able to work with.

If you search for

John 14:15

Then the results would end up with are anything with the word John anything with 14 and 15 located on the site. So to fix this problem

Tip #1: Throw in some quotations

“John 14:15”

This will give you an “exact” match of what you searched for. This will yield the best results and anything with “John 14:15” in the article in that exact order.

If you remember a couple of words in an article but don’t remember the name of the article

Tip #2: Use the + sign

+love +father

This will yield any articles that have the word love and the word father in the same article.

These two tips should help with a lot of searching. If you can’t find something, then email me here and I would be happy to help out! :)