Blog Post Grab Bag

Grab Bag for the lambs and sheep, about Job and the strengthening

Welcome to this weeks Grab Bag! For those of you who don’t know what this is, let me explain. Each week I post a “Grab Bag”, I try to get it on Monday but this week is a little hectic with appointments for our soon-to-be-here-lord-willing child. Also, If you leave questions in the comments, then I will reply and also add those questions to the podcast. If you email me questions related to this post then I will also add those to the podcast episode. During the episode I will go in a little more detail than I could using the blog. Last weeks episode got postponed due to some scheduling conflicts. You can expect one this coming Saturday. I will have last weeks Grab Bag and this weeks Grab Bag in the next episode. So if you have any questions you want to get in from last weeks, then hop to! The title of the Grab Bag is usually something funky, a mix of all the things in the post, and by the time you get through the post you will understand the title… I hope :) At the end of each question I leave a question for you to respond with. I will also go over the scriptures, in the podcast, which I found for the answers to the questions as well. So anyway, here it goes!