Artwork Specifications:

Description Summary:

All images should be places within a colored boxes (no transparent background) and use the same colours and similar elements to tie the branding together.

  • A custom made Header that uses elements specific to a website/blog.
    Size to be 1000×200.

  • A custom made Podcast artwork should have elements specific to a podcast.  
    Size to be 1400×1400 (for iTunes) and scaled down to 150×150 (for mp3).

Each should have elements which helps the reader or listener understand what it is about from the artwork.

Description Synopsis:


  • 1000×200 Banner Image
  • 1400×1400 Image for “Podcast Artwork”
  • 150×150 Image for the RSS Feed (Scaled Down from the Podcast Artwork image)
  • 16×16(?) Image for a Favicon (.ico)

Colors – I Like
Pantone 302 – Hex #00476B AND Pantone 7462 - Hex #0D5C91
Though they don’t necessarily have to be used at all.

You are welcome to expand on colors, though these are the ones I am currently using on the website.

Donate Button;
I would like a button created to use on a widget for donating. Something with matching colors (I might do this one)

I don’t think there should be any symbols in it. Like a cross or a fish. If anything, then only to signify the book in a logo is the Bible.

I had an idea for what I wanted to make and made it. It obviously isn’t professional. It was just something to keep the website from looking so bland.

**Note**: This page is not complete. – Last update December 30, 2012, 2:41 AM

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