House grew two feet bigger

Word of the day, haitus.

Sorry for the long time between the last episode and this blog post. I have been pretty busy with the new one being around and haven’t been able to take time out to do much on here.
Baby Evelyn
Here is a picture of the new addition to our household :) We have been working on getting the schedule down and getting to the point of “normality”. Vanessa started going crazy the first couple of nights, which was expected, because of the lack of sleep. It was a good thing I had enough Vacation time to spend on them. I was able to take two weeks off to enjoy the family!

Baby Chance Chance was loving it! The one was an “adjustment”, two is like “what have you done to me”. So it’s taking a little long to adjust with. But we are making it! Hopefully, Lord willing, I will be able to get another Grab Bag and Episode out soon.

In addition to all of that, Brother Joe, Brother Eric and myself have been working on an iPhone app. Still in the process of figuring out all of the kinks. I unfortunately won’t be able to reveal anything about it because of the awesomeness of it. But I can assure you, it is pretty awesome-sauce-ness.

As always, let God be magnified!

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